• The Obamas hosted the first Jewish-American Heritage reception at the White House last night. In his speech, the President said he and baseball legend Sandy Koufax have something in common.
“We are both lefties. He can’t pitch on Yom Kippur. I can’t pitch.” Zing! [CBS News]
  • The First Lady was in Detroit speaking to youth leaders about how to encourage young people to pursue higher education at a Detroit Mentoring Luncheon.
“You know, in every phase of my life … I was always looking for somebody to mentor,” she told the attendees. That’s why we love you, Michelle Obama. [HP]
  • As she says goodbye to her 25-year-old talk show, Oprah Winfrey is also shutting down her Angel Network charity, affiliated with the program. Angel Network has commissioned nearly 150,000 donors to give more than $80 million to build schools, and help with relief efforts. [HP]
  • Gary Coleman is in the hospital again. He’s in critical condition in the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center. [CNN]
  • African-American business leader Raymond Victor Haysbert passed away on May 24 at age 90. [WashPo]
  • Now that Alicia Keys is confirmed preggers, she’ll want to stay away from soft cheeses, deli meats and other foods. Find out what pregnant women should avoid. [CBS News]
  • Think you’re going to quit smoking once you get pregnant? About three percent of pregnant women can’t kick the habit. [KT]