The First Family’s Hawaiian Vacation

Fun in the Sun with the Obamas

As 2010 came to a close the Obamas caught up on some much-needed rest and fun in the sun. They recently returned from their annual trip to see friends and family in Hawaii. Before getting back to business in 2011, take a look at how the First Family spent some sweet quality time together…

Season’s Greetings

The First Couple greeted military members and their families on Christmas Day at the Marine Corps Base in Hawaii.

Father-Daughter Moment

Malia Obama and President Obama enjoy their shaved ice treats. Looks like the President is loving his. Maybe it reminds him of his youth…

Sweet Treat

Sasha Obama looks excited about her cup of shaved ice at Island Snow shop in Kailua, Hawaii.

Happy, Happy, Happy

Sasha looks so happy to be on vacation with her family — see her outside their Hawaiian beach house.

Play Time

The First Family couldn’t forget Bo — check out Malia playing with Bo on the sandy beach.

On Duty

President Obama greeted more men in uniform while on vacation in Hawaii.

A Round of Golf

President Obama enjoyed a relaxing game of golf while on vacation on the big island.

Boys’ Day Out

President Barack Obama played a round of golf with friends at the Mid Pacific Country Club in Kailua, Hawaii.

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Hawaiian Date Night

President Barack Obama waves as he leaves Alan Wong’s Restaurant after dining with the First Lady Michelle Obama. We must say, he looks extremely handsome in this pic.

Casual Chic

The first lady eats a shave ice at Island Snow on the last day of her family’s two-week vacation.

Beautiful Girl

The always sprightly Sasha Obama takes a bite of her shave ice.

Daddy’s Little Girl

Sasha Obama peeks out from behind her dad as they toured the Honolulu Zoo on their last day in Hawaii.

Sweet Tooth

President Obama is never shy about his love for shave ice. He regularly visits Island Snow at Kailua Beach Center whenever he is back in Hawaii.

Family Time

President Obama and his two daughters took a trip to the zoo with their extended family.

New Beginning

Besides a few press photos and outing, the first family really took time off on this vacation. Now its back to Washington for a fresh start.

Good Times

The president and Mrs. Obama wave goodbye before boarding Air Force One in Hawaii after their two-week vacation.