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Barack Obama is still being celebrated for his history-making leadership as Commander-in-Chief Just a few weeks after the beloved former President celebrated his 57th birthday, the Los Angeles City Council has announced plans to rename one of the city’s prominent roadways after Obama as a tribute to his history-making time in the oval office. L.A.’s Rodeo Road—which is roughly 3.5 miles long and runs through a predominantly Black community in the city—will soon be renamed ‘Obama Boulevard,’ according to a report from the L.A. Times. L.A. City Council President, Herb Wesson took to Twitter to share news of the road’s renaming. The location of the roadway holds special significance to Obama’s political legacy, as it is home to the Rancho Cienega Sports Center and Park where he once hosted a campaign rally while running for president.
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It will also be located directly across from W. Martin Luther King Boulevard. The forthcoming boulevard adds to a growing list of ways in which 44th U.S. President is honored throughout the state. To date, there are also several California schools named after Obama. Details on when the renaming of Rodeo Road to Obama Boulevard will take place have yet to be publicly confirmed.  

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