NYPD Officer Throws Man To the Ground for Doing ‘Ellen’ Dance Dare

A Black man was thrown to the ground by New York police officers last week simply for dancing, and the entire ordeal was caught on camera, reports TMZ.

Alexander Bok was participating in Ellen Degeneres’ “Dance Dare,” where the daytime star challenges her viewers to dance behind unsuspecting strangers. However, Bok’s plan went awry after doing a Gangnam-style dance behind a group of NYPD officers.

After a couple seconds of harmless dancing, police officers noticed Bok behind them. They immediately stopped him, pushing him forcefully against a police car. They repeatedly asked him what he was dancing in the street for and what the f–k was wrong with him. They asked him if dancing behind them “was smart” and if “he was a f–king a–hole.” He apologized profusely and tried to tell him that he was just dancing, but to no avail. 

Eventually, the group of more than five officers, forcefully pushed a stunned Bok, causing him to fall to the ground as they said “f–king walk, walk, walk.”

Watch the entire video above. 

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