It’s never easy losing a loved one or friend, and for Mark Pitts, the former manager of slain Bad Boy rapper Christopher “Biggie Smalls” Wallace, time still hasn’t healed all wounds. As a co-producer of “Notorious,” the biopic film which chronicles the rise and fall of the gifted Brooklyn lyricist, Pitts admits that it’s still hard to witness the reenactment of his late friend’s tragic demise.

“The hardest thing for me to watch was [the scene] when B.I.G. got shot and slumped over in his car,” said the 38-year-old president of Black Music at Jive Records. “I get f—– up every time I see it. I was there when it happened in another car so you can only imagine, but to see the whole thing again—that’s still the hardest part for me to see without tearing up.

“Notorious” costars Angela Bassett and Derek Lukes and hits theaters, Jan. 16.