When Fortnite Is Life: North Carolina Teen Continues To Play Video Game As Tornado Rips Through Neighborhood
Courtesy of The Sun Herald

A devastating EF2 twister plowed through a Greensboro, North Carolina, community on Sunday, April 15, killing one person and leaving behind a path of destruction. But one teenage resident barely took notice because he was so engrossed in playing Fortnite.

According to TIME, Anton Williams was preoccupied by a round of the popular video game, so much so that he didn’t realize a tornado had touched down in his neighborhood. That is, until he saw the twister shredding the roofs off of his neighbors’ homes.

But even then, he was still committed to finishing his game.

“I was sitting at home and I was playing Fortnite, and all of sudden, I hear a bunch of noise. I look out the window and I started seeing the roof come off the houses in front of me,” Williams told WXII 12 on Monday. “I sit back down because I only have a couple people left in my game, and I was going to try to finish the game. But then it started getting worse and I started to see the power lines come down, so I told my sister and my nephew to come to the bathroom.”

As he and his family took cover, Williams confessed he still had Fortnite on his mind in the midst of the chaos surrounding him.

“Honestly, I was thinking about the game, but I was hoping everybody was OK around me,” Williams said.

Once the storm passed, however, Williams did go outside to make sure his neighbors were safe.

The video of Williams’ comments have since gone viral, with many people tweeting their disbelief about the situation.

But whether you think Williams’ actions hilarious or silly, what matters is that he’s just fine.