It appears that the buzz in the blogosphere about the upcoming nuptials of Usher, 28, and his pregnant fiancée, stylist Tameka Foster, 36, was no hoax. Usher’s publicist, Patti Webster, confirmed on Saturday to the Associated Press that the couple would not tie the knot that day as planned.
“It was announced today (Saturday, July 29) that the wedding ceremony for Usher Raymond IV and Tameka Foster was canceled,” says Webster. “No additional information will be given regarding the circumstances of the cancellation, but we hope the privacy of this matter will be respected.”
The couple did not explain why the Saturday afternoon festivities, which were to have been held at the Southampton, New York, estate of Def Jam honcho and producer L.A. Reid, was called off only hours before close to 100 family and friends were to arrive.
An insider told that nearly two weeks ago, celebrity guests such as Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Jermaine Dupri, Jay-Z, Nelly and Ashanti received first a phone invitation and then a few days prior to the scheduled event via overnight courier, a custom-made invitation designed by the Atlanta company, Bluorchid by Naked Eye Image. Attendees were to be treated to a performance by the couple’s close friend Robin Thicke, who had also serenaded Foster during Usher’s January proposal to her in a New York recording studio where he presented her with an 11.5 carat Asscher diamond ring while a celebrity DJ provided the tunes. The source said that the couple had hired renowned event planner Anthony Todd to bring their ceremony to life and Sylvia Woods, the famed Harlem restaurateur, to supply the feast.

However, news reports dispelled rumors that the R&B superstar’s mom, Jonetta Patton, was not invited, but did confirm that Usher’s godfather, Ben Vereen, who sources say objected to the wedding, was not welcome.
Last month, Foster, the owner of Swanky Image Group and the Hides & Dungarees denim and leather collection, spoke exclusively with about her highly publicized relationship with the R&B superstar and spoke optimistically about their future together. “Yes, I do plan to have children with him. This is the man I love and plan to spend the rest of my life with, so why wouldn’t I want to share

Foster also shut down hearsay about a rumored rift between her and her soon-to-be mother-in-law when she said, “His mother and I have a great rapport…. There are no hard feelings, and I had nothing to do with his
decision to no longer have his mother manage him.”

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Amid speculation about a possible pregnancy, the couple confirmed in late June that they were expecting a child in the fall. In an open letter to, Usher asked the public to respect the couple’s privacy and not to believe everything bloggers had to say.

“I am happy, excited, completely clear and independent on my direction, feelings, decisions and I am NOT BEING LED,” Usher said. “Some media and bloggers have been totally intrusive. They have misconstrued aspects of my personal life and, because of this, my ‘true’ fans are not sure about what is fact and what is fiction. There is a difference in stating an opinion versus drawing a conclusion that is incorrect.”

Despite all the naysayers and negative press regarding their union, Foster declared: “…It’s like we’re already married. We are happy with each other and clear about where we are…. If I’m not the right person for him, let
time tell. I don’t know that we’ll be together until we die, but we’re happy now and we ain’t bothering nobody.”

No word on whether the wedding has been rescheduled or if the couple have separated or remained together.