Nico & Vinz Close out ESSENCE Fest Performance with Raised Fists
Getty Images

Without question, the1968 Summer Olympic Games gave the raised fist infamy. Tommy Smith and John Carlos’ bowed heads and fists held high were a statement of power, pride and defiance. 

Nearly 50 years later, the symbolic raised fist still holds the same force. Norwegian pop stars, Nico and Vinz, chose to end their electrifying ESSENCE Fest performance with that very statement. 

“Music is a lot about empowerment,” said Vincent “Vinz” Dery. The artist continued, “We talk a lot about finding your inner strength, your inner purpose in life. It’s sort of a way to symbolize the unity. We are all in this together and we try to big ourselves up.”

The other half of the duo chimed in. “It’s powerful, very powerful.” Nico went on. “It’s a good way to end, and like he said, it’s empowering people, too.”