Nicki Minaj showed her acting chops on last night’s episode of “Saturday Night Live.” Though she may have received a round of applause for making the audience laugh, many at home didn’t find her sassy character on the “Bride of Blackenstein” skit too funny.

Millions gathered in anticipation of Minaj’s debut appearance on the comedy sketch show, and we knew she would show out — but not like this. There are a number of ways Minaj could have acted out the role. To give the bride the brain of a Black woman who worked at the DMV, the fingernails of a cashier at Walgreens, and a mouth “from a ho who didn’t know her place” ruffled more than a few feathers. Not to mention the over emphasis of her booty. We get the butt jokes, but to keep pointing it out was over-the-top.

“That “ho” line on #SNL made me cringe. Wasn’t funny. Unnecessary,” tweeted one Essence follower, while another wrote, “It’s SNL it’s supposed to be a little bit offensive, it’s blue comedy DUH, be happy a Black woman is on there!”

In a way we expected more from Minaj — especially since she’s the poster girl for women’s empowerment in hip-hop. How could she let this happen? She may have gotten mixed reviews from fans on Twitter, but how do you feel about her performance?

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