You can always count on Nicki Minaj to be controversial. But the rapper’s latest publicity stunt, during Black History Month no less, may have created a new crop of dissenters.

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Minaj’s cover for her latest single “Lookin’ Ass N*ggas” features an iconic image of Malcolm X looking out of a window from his Queen, New York home with an automatic rifle. The image is thought to have first appeared in Ebony Magazine in the 60s, though that hasn’t been confirmed. The rapper posted the image on Instagram last night but quickly took it down after fans accused her of disrespecting Malcolm X’s legacy.

The video for “Lookin’ Ass N*ggas” features a swimsuit-clad Minaj wielding firearms, taking lyrical shots at her enemies—in this case “non-mogul ass n*ggas” who still use Boost mobile. Welp!

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“As a fan of Nicki Minaj, I can say that the artwork is tasteless,” wrote For Harriet editor Kimberly Foster.

“To equate a man that literally died for his cause—the advancement of human rights for people of color—is just wrong on multiple levels,” added Hip Hop Wired writer Alvin Aqua Blanco.

Are you offended or do you think Nicki is just using her creative license?