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Nick Cannon Wants More Kids, Mariah Says 'No Way'

Will Mariah Carey have more babies?
In typical dad fashion, just eight weeks after welcoming “dem babies,” Nick Cannon says he wants more children. It’s too bad his superstar wife, Mariah Carey, doesn’t agree. The new mother of twins says two children are enough.

“I do [want more kids], Mariah doesn’t,” Nick told “InTouch” magazine. “She said, ‘That’s it! I’m done! Two at once!’ It was an intense pregnancy to carry twins around. She was a trooper.”

Nick also opened up about his new sleeping habits. Instead of staying up late to catch up on work, he devotes the time to his little ones. “I’m kind of cut out for fatherhood because I never sleep,” he said. “So now, instead of doing other stuff, I’m with my kids.”

Gee, slow down, Nick. Give Mariah a chance to get used to being a mom of twins before talking about more babies.