When he’s not hard at work on television, Nick Cannon’s happily preparing for his future as a daddy. The “America’s Got Talent” host recently opened up about wife Mariah Carey’s pregnancy, why he’s excited to have twins, and his plans for a romantic Valentine’s Day, reports.

Cannon says he’s already started designing a new room for his twins, and is “really excited about bringing new life into the world.”

Of his beautiful wife, he added, “She’s holding up beautifully. To see this strength! It’s a different type of strength to carry around two babies. She’s not even concerned with her aches and pains which I’m sure are great. She’s so nurturing right now. It’s wonderful. It’s amazing to see.”

The happy couple will celebrate Valentine’s Day with Cannon planning something special ahead. “I’m a hopeless romantic so Valentine’s Day is very important to me,” he said. “I’m going to bring Valentine’s Day to my wife. I’ll probably Valentine’s the house out. We’re gonna put balloons, flowers, all of that stuff everywhere.”

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?


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