Although comedian Nick Cannon is currently hospitalized with “mild kidney failure” according wife Mariah Carey, he’s “getting back to business.”

He tweeted a photo of himself getting a haircut in his L.A. hospital room yesterday — just a day after he was transferred from Aspen.

Upon a closer look at his health condition, immediate past president of the National Kidney Foundation says it’s more than likely dehydration.

He says Cannon’s hospitalization may be due to acute kidney injury (the term “mild kidney failure” does not exist), which is when a person’s kidney function has decreased. “I think it may be that just his kidney numbers, his serum creatinine measure, decreased. It could be something as simple as being in Colorado — where Cannon and Carey are currently vacationing — not drinking enough fluids, and being dehydrated.”

Either way, it’s great to see Cannon back and up on his feet. Hopefully, he’ll be checking out sooner rather than later.


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