Nick Cannon Gets Real About The Aftermath Of His Split From Mariah In New ‘Divorce Papers’ Freestyle
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Nick Cannon is getting rarely candid about his personal life with a new freestyle detailing the aftermath of his split from now ex-wife Mariah Carey.

Although Nick says the two are currently on amicable terms despite their decision to part ways, he also says putting out the song was therapeutic for him. The track is titled “Divorce Papers” and despite public perception, Nick maintains that the real purpose of releasing it was to address the constantly negativity from the media and his naysayers. Growing tired of attempting to debunk all of the talk, the successful media mogul felt putting it all into a song was the best way for him to release his frustrations and clear up the misconceptions once and for all.

“My purpose for creating this “Divorce Papers” freestyle was not to feed the tabloid chatter, or even to diffuse it,” he told Karen Civil. “This was strictly a creative way for me to express my frustrations with the media, the naysayers, myself and ultimately with the voices in my head.”

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Nick has recently been at the center of several unfounded rumors suggesting that he’s purposely causing the delay in the finalizing of his divorce from Mariah, but he says all of the speculation is simply not true. On the contrary, according to Nick, the former couple are in a great place and working to build their relationship as co-parents to their 5-year-old twins. “My Ex and I are in a great place and are diligently moving things along so we both can continue to be happy,” he says. “I am happy for her and all her new endeavors, both personal ones and professional ones. I sincerely hope the media doesn’t once again try to manipulate my words or my purpose for releasing this song. As the world knows, I am an open book and I’m proud of that. When it comes to expressing myself, I take the fearless approach and that’s what I chose to do here.”

Take a listen to the “Divorce Papers” freestyle above.

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