Beautiful soon-to-be mom Nia Long knows carrying a baby is definitley a journey. The actress recently dished on her pregnancy, saying she’s happy despite her body going through changes.

“I’m craving salt like crazy,” she told reporters backstage at the BET Awards.  “And I’m not a salty person, I’m more of a chocolate girl. But I haven’t really had any sweet cravings.”

She even mentioned some unpleasant pregnancy pangs. “I was so sick, horrible morning sickness for four and a half months. I’m officially 5 months and now I feel great, I have energy,” she said. “Besides a little heartburn here and there I’m doing and feeling great. And the baby’s huge.”

Although there’s no word yet on an official due date, this will be the second pregnancy for the 40-year-old “Best Man” alum. We can’t wait for the big news – congrats again Nia!


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