Nia Long Says She Bought A Cherry Thong After Hearing Nas’ ‘Oochie Wally’ Lyrics
Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images

Actress Nia Long has been mentioned in many a rap song throughout the course of her 25+ year career and she got the opportunity to talk about some of the most memorable lyrics to include her name during a recent visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Among other things, host Jimmy Kimmel brought up the topic of Nia’s name being a popular one where rap lyrics are concerned and she shared a few comical memories connected to each song with the show audience.  

After thanking Roc Nation/Dreamville lyricist J.Cole, who is the most recent to name-drop her in his single “No Role Modelz,” she went on to share the a story about the very first time she heard her name in a song.

Nia Long Responds to J.Cole’s ‘No Role Modelz’ Lyrics: ‘He’s Really Not Too Young’

“So, um, Tribe Called Quest. Phife Dawg, rest in peace. I was in a club with my big brother Heavy D, God rest his soul, and I’m listening and I’m jamming,” she said. “So, I hear ‘Trini-born Black like Nia Long’s grandmother,’ and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, is there another Nia Long?’ I’m like, looking around in the club, thinking it can’t be me. It’s the beginning of my career! Boyz N The Hood was out and….you know, that moment really gave me my hood credibility.”

Check out the segment in the video clip below.

Nia also went on to talk about Chris Rock’s funny reaction to her name being included in so many Hip Hop songs, adamantly proclaim that she’s definitely not “Becky With The Good Hair,” and even admitted to purchasing a cherry thong after hearing Nas rhyme about it using her name in “Oochie Wally.”

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