News Anchor Claps Back After Being Criticized for Her On-Air Jewelry

Barbara Ciara a news anchor for WTKR 3 — a CBS affiliate that broadcasts in parts of Virginia and North Carolina — has sadly found herself defending her on-air style. Not her reporting style but her fashion style. That’s right, a viewer recently criticized her for her choice of jewelry

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The man emailed the station saying, “All the female reporters and anchors wear litlle to no jewelry but B Ciara wears the biggest and worst jewelry I have ever seen, please have her play by all the same rules as every one else”.

Barbara clapped back on her Facebook page, chastising the man for watching her style instead of the news, and even finished her response with “#beenaroundtoolongtobebullied”.

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Now a new report reveals that the creator of the “biggest and worst jewelry” is actually former anchor Robyn Robinson. Ironically, her Minneapolis-based jewelry line ROX is designed with on-air talent in mind. The pieces are bold so they won’t disappear onscreen. ROX has appeared at New York Fashion Week and is worn by media professionals and celebrities, including Sanaa Lathan.

Barbara Ciara’s “ugly” jewelry is just one of many recent cases of female news reporters being trolled for their on-air style and, sadly, sometimes even their bodies.

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Unfortunately, in a time when the internet has bridged nearly every gap in communication, no one is safe from trolls.

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