Since the debut of black faced Beyonce in L’Officiel magazine, critics have been raging. Some praise the singer for an inventive move, while others are blasting her for being insensitive. Now, a new video has surfaced showing the singer on set at the infamous photoshoot. The nearly three-minute video features Beyonce draped in black face as well as traditional African headdresses while Nigerian singer, Fela Kuti’s music, blasts in the background. Watch it and then tell us, is Beyonce dressing in black face offensive?

Here’s what you had to say:

Deidra commented via Facebook: “What’s the purpose of the black face though? If it’s art, then you shouldn’t be offended if a white person does it either. Otherwise, it shouldn’t be done at all.”

Kriston wrote via Facebook: “I cannot blame her for wanting to be that beautiful shade of splendor.”

Darlene wrote via Facebook: “No reason to be offended! She is a beautiful black woman paying homage to her heritage.”

Angelica wrote via Facebook: “That wasn’t black face. Right in the beginning they said that they were paying homage to the black queen. African queens painted their faces and still do, so what’s the problem? We are so unnecessarily sensitive sometimes. Geesh!”

Terry wrote via Facebook: “Lovely, courageous. Watch closely: “Artists & designers changed her complexion about three times representing varieties of black skin & beauty.”

Kelly wrote via Facebook: “No. Beautifully and tastefully done! There are still a LOT of haters out there.”

Rhonda wrote via Facebook: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Not offended at all.”

Sara wrote via Facebook: “Essence Online, my Grandfather said that the Black man was the most BLESSED man on Earth, because he has his choice of a woman from alabaster to onyx and every shade in between, all within his own race of people.”

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