New Video Released Of Student Who Had Leg Amputation After Being Body-Slammed By Teacher

A new leaked video sheds more light on what happened to 13-year-old Montravious Thomas, who was allegedly body slammed to the ground by a teacher –an incident that caused his leg to be later amputated.

Initially, Muscogee County District authorities claimed Thomas had been walking after the incident on Sept. 12, but new video shows a counselor carrying Thomas at Edgewood Student Services Center in Columbus. ESSC is an alternative school for students temporarily removed from their school district for rules violations.

The counselor in question, Bryant Mosley, says he “physically restrained” Thomas “due to behavioral issues” after he tried to leave a classroom, according to the police report. Thomas’ family say otherwise, suggesting he was body-slammed.

In a statement last week, the school district said Thomas was able to walk. However, a video recently obtained by, Thomas can be seen being carried by Mosley.

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Afterwards, Thomas complained about numbness in his leg to school staff, the family’s attorney said. The staff then refused to call an ambulance, instead carrying him on a bus that took him home.Thomas’ mother ultimately called for an ambulance. His leg was amputated multiple surgeries later.

In response to the new developments, the district is denying the video footage as any format evidence. “The video is obviously an incomplete picture of the events of the afternoon and is not inconsistent with the information previously released by District that the student was walking after the administration of the restraint,” Muscogee County District spokesperson Valerie Fuller told BuzzFeed.

Fuller also confirmed that Mosely is currently no longer working at the school.