Could These SweetFlexx Pants Help you Burn More Calories Just By Walking in Them?

It’s time to praise your respective deities people. The zero-effort, weight loss workout it finally here. Umph. We’re skeptical. But here’s the rundown…

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A Connecticut man McCullough Shriver has invented workout pants that help shape and mold your legs while you walk.

The pants he calls SweatFlexx can pass for your average yoga pants except they have resistance bands built-in. The bands pull in one direction so your legs have to work a little harder to pull them in the opposite direction.

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According to the John B. Pierce Labs at Yale, where they tested McCullough’s athleisure invention, simply walking around in SweatFlexx burns 30 to 40 more calories in a half an hour than regular pants.

Now we really have no excuse not to workout.

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SweatFlexx retails for $98 and is available for both women and men at

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