New Study Claims Women Who Have Been Cheated On Actually ‘Win’ In The End
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No woman likes the feeling of learning that her man has been unfaithful, but a new study suggests that women on the receiving end of a cheating situation is actually the one who ends up on top in the end.

According to researches from Bingham University in New York and University College London, a woman who gets cheated on is all the wiser in the end, making her the real victor in the situation. The findings suggest that those who experience dealing with an unfaithful mate develop a “higher mating intelligence” that makes them less susceptible to it happening again, as they are better equipped to spot red flags in potentially unfaithful partners in the future.

As any woman who has gone through this can attest to, the study also explains how the emotional distress a woman endures when having to deal with a cheater in a relationship serves as motivation for them to avoid ending up in the same situation again. In other words, fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice… won’t!

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So what say you, ladies? If you’ve found yourself in the unfortunately common position of being cheated on, did it make you wiser, stronger and more motivated?