New Study Shows Spending More Time with Your Girls Is Good For Your Love Life
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What if we we told you a reguar ladies night could help your sex life?

According to a recent study fueled by Palm Breeze, a bubbly alcohol company, women who have enough girl time are more likely to be satisfied with their sex lives than those who don’t. Furthermore, these women are happier in their relationships.

“Over 70-percent of women feel confident and fulfilled in life” when girl time is prioritized, says the study.

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This just proves that time away from babe and/or the kids is much needed for the ultimate work-life-home-balance, we feel less stressed and speaking of babe, he’ll be happy to know that “ over 70 percent of women who have enough girl time are more likely to be satisfied with their sex lives.” Boom.
We need an escape from the mundane day to day don’t you agree? A time to vent, a time to laugh, a time to cultivate relationships, yes?
The female camaraderie is an important element. We are beginning to see a paradigm shift in how women relate to one another. Days of kitty competition are dying out, and the up rise of unified women is moving in.
“Sixty-nine percent of of women consider their girlfriends to be the most important people in their lives” according to this study. Additionally, nine out of ten women would say they would drop everything for their girlfriends if they were in trouble.
So a few more “coffee catch-ups” here, a few man/pedi sessions with champagne there won’t hurt anyone, in fact, it will actually add to the overall quality of life.

And we say, “Cheers!” to that!

Check out the study here.