New Jersey Congressional Candidate Calls Diversity “A Bunch Of Crap And Un-American”
Grossman for Congress / Facebook

Well, tell us how you really feel, Seth Grossman.

The GOP Congressional candidate spewed some vitriol about diversity at an event in Pittsgrove, New Jersey back in April, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

His comments, claiming that diversity efforts are “crap” and “un-American,” didn’t garner much backlash at the time. However, after a video of Grossman’s speech was shared on YouTube, that all has changed. The video was published by, American Bridge 21st Century, a political action committee that monitors GOP candidates.

He went on to say that diversity is “an excuse by Democrats, communists, and socialists” and that “we’re not all created equal.” Grossman also made comments about how diversity, particularly pro-immigration laws negatively impact African-Americans, as well as allude to anti-affirmative action beliefs. 

While Grossman, a New Jersey 2nd Congressional District hopeful — thanks to winning the primary last week — is finally under fire over his words, he stands firmly behind his views.

“Diversity” is not a virtue,” he wrote on Facebook, doubling down on his sentiments. “America did not become great because of “diversity.”

Grossman is a Trump supporter and has emphasized his support for anti-immigration policies and the second amendment during his campaign.

In November, if Democrats have it their way, Grossman’s opponent State Senator Jeff Van Drew will claim victory, and in doing so, will hopefully redirect the discussion on diversity.



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