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Are You Ready To Meet Your 'Invisible Boyfriend'? Just Don't Fall In Love With This App

Say what? A new app lets single women buy digital "proof" of a love life that doesn't exist to show annoying friends and family.
Are You Ready To Meet Your ‘Invisible Boyfriend’? Just Don’t Fall In Love With This App

“Wait…You’re not seeing anyone right now?”

“What about that guy from church? He seemed nice!”

“Maybe you should just call your ex back!”

And so on; and so on.

Single ladies, exactly how much would you be willing to pay to make pesky friends and family members stop nagging you to death about your love life? The inventors of newly launched app Invisible Boyfriend say $25 a month. Go ahead, gasp – I did. Only, what’s slightly more shocking is that the service has already gone viral and the reviews so far are more favorable than you might expect. It appeats that proof of (love) life may just be mobile’s next big business. On Invisible Boyfriend’s website, the creators describe their service as a means to an end for some women and men tired of the social harrassment that comes with being single: “This platform helps you create credible, reasonable stories that you can bring home to curious mom, your buddies, and coworkers. These stories are backed by virtual and real-world social proof.” Wow…Just wow.

The app lets the users custom design a boyfriend (or girlfriend) to their liking—AKA absurd standards—and then wait to start corresponding in real time via text messages. You can select everything from his name and age to his height, looks and likes and dislikes. There are different priced packages for different scenarios. Put simply, if you need more than just text messages to prove that somebody loves you, they can do that too. Yikes! Are you feeling sad yet?

“We have different plans and packages that help you create a credible, believable Invisible Boyfriend,” writes the site’s creators in a posted explanation on their FAQ page. “This will include a mix of physical and virtual proof. You will choose a boyfriend from our extensive library, customize his personality to your tastes, and decide how you will interact.”

Just don’t fall too hard for Mr. Invisible on day one, ladies, because the creators promise that he’s only going to get smoother over time. Coming soon: Interaction options that may include gifts, personalized notes, flower deliveries, social media connections and more.

I don’t know what’s more disappointing, the fact that in today’s economy even an invisible boyfriend will cost you $25 a month to meet or that a single woman’s social circle could be so cruel when it comes to discussing her relationship status that she’d actually need to buy an upgrade. Hmph. These people need to get an invisble life.