Is He The One? New App Game Lets Couples Test Their Love
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Many people meet their partners on dating apps, but now there is a free app that can help couples foster their relationship called Happy Couple.

Over 100,000 users are finding fun ways to spice up their relationship with Happy Couple. This new relationship app uses a proprietary algorithm that combines relationship chemistry with inventive technology to help romantic partners continue to cultivate meaningful bonds.

“Like millions of people, I met my girlfriend on a dating app,” explains co-founder and CEO Julien Robert. “But no app takes you from dating to building a lasting and healthy relationship. I wanted to find a way to hack the code for a successful relationship, and Happy Couple is the result.”

Whether you just started dating or if you are married.couple, Happy Couple gives partners the chance to expand their knowledge of each other with an array of daily quizzes, tips and challenges that are used to discover each partner’s aspirations, feelings, beliefs, wants and needs.

The daily quizzes delve into the categories relating to communication, responsibility, sex, recreation, emotion and information. Based on the answers the algorithm over time will uncovers values and attitudes spanning a range of areas where partners are highly compatible along with others that may require couples to work more effectively or in new ways.