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New Dating Show Helps Hard to Please Women Find Love

No-nonsense matchmaker Natalie Clarice gets real with tough clients on her new dating reality show Find Me My Man.
New Dating Show Helps Hard to Please Women Find Love

If you’ve ever been called “too picky” or “impossible” when it comes to dating, there’s a new reality show premiering tomorrow night that was designed with women like you in mind. Miami-based, professional matchmaker Natalie Clarice is a no-nonsense dating coach who has made a career out of helping urban, professional women find the right guy. She’s so good at helping those who can’t help themselves, Oxygen sent a camera crew her way. Her new reality show is called Find Me My Man, and it follows the ups and downs Clarice and her team of romance strategists face as they try to help clients with unbelievable hang-ups (one client is obsessed with penis size and wants to “try before she buys.”) find love.

Her clients may be divas, but Clarice says every woman deserves love. “Women today, are single, independent, and fabulous, and they have their own homes and money in the bank,” she tells us. “So, today, they choose not to settle. Because of their progressive careers and their structure of lifestyles, it doesn’t allow time for them to go out and really meet someone special. This is why I’m here.”

Determined to crack Miami single gals’ toughest dilemmas, Clarice says her work will speak for itself. “The show centers around my existing business, so what you see on camera is what you get,” she says. “You’ll get a mix of relationship coaching, image consulting and a little bit of tough love. It’s gonna be juicy!”

She has her work cut out for her.

“Some women get offended and they get angry and they will challenge me a little bit, but I make sure they understand that it’s my way or the highway,” insists Clarice.  “You make the choice to hire me. I’m not there to debate with them and in the end they thank me for it.”

Although it can be easy to blame the lack of “good men out there,” for so many sisters claiming “single” on their Facebook profiles, Clarice says those women may need to look within. “We women are our own worst enemies sometimes,” insists Clarice. “I help my clients identify the reasons why they’re single.”

And for those of you who believe no woman should have to seek out professional help to find love, Clarice warns, “Love is not just going to come sit on your lap. Sometimes it just doesn’t work like that. You need to get out there, socialize and be in the right settings and that’s what I’m teaching my clients to do. When you’re looking for your man, you have to be someone who’s worth dating too. Watch what happens on the show!”

Catch the season premiere of Find Me My Man on Oxygen, Tuesday, April 9 at 9pm EST.