New Book Release, ‘Dior: The Perfumes’ Talks Man Behind the Brand

For more than sixty-five years, House of Christian Dior introduced the world to an array of sultry and classic women’s fashion and fragances. For the first time, journalist and formal scent critic Chandler Burr uncovers the designer’s early career and relationship to the timeless perfume collection in a book titled Dior: The Perfumes.

The coffee table sized book, explores the fascinating stories behind each key fragance beginning with the first scent Diorama (1948) to more recent scents such as Dior Addict (2002).

Dior: The Perfumes is a book that follows the history and inspiration of the man behind the luxury brand. Filled with archival fashion photography, art and advertising images, the book examines just how one man captured fashion, elegance and allure inside of each bottle of perfume.