A new Bible called “Our Heritage and Faith Holy Bible for African-American Teens (NIV)” is targeting Black teenagers in an attempt to tackle questions they have about their faith and identities the Grio reported. Wade Hudson, president and CEO of Just Us Books and his wife Cheryl Willis Hudson joined up with Zondervan Publishing House to produce the book, which features photos of Black youth worshiping and an addendum that includes the lyrics to “The Negro National Anthem.” The Bible, which costs $27.99, also includes notes about the Black church and modern Black heroes. “We came up with the concept and idea because we feel that, often in our churches we tend to miss young people,” Hudson told the Grio. “They’re not getting the necessary information about the tenets of faith. Some Sunday school teachers are doing a wonderful job, but so many of our young people don’t even go to church. So we developed some concepts to engage them, interest them and motivate them to learn more about God’s words.” Read More: