If you think Nephew Tommy is funny on the “Steve Harvey Morning Show,” his newly released DVD comedy special, “Just My Thoughts,” will make you laugh yourself into stitches. He also had us cracking up at the ESSENCE Music Festival where he brought the crowd to its feet with his hilarious commentary.

ESSENCE.com recently sat down with the actor, comedian and radio personality to discuss his newly released DVD comedy special, why he loved attending EMF, and his future plans.  

ESSENCE.COM: You recently hosted the Essence Music Festival for the 2nd year in a row. What was that experience like?
NEPHEW TOMMY: The first year as a host was a learning experience for me, though Uncle Steve told me to be in the moment and be spontaneous. This year, hosting the Essence Music Festival is probably the best experience I’ve had in a long time. We’re talking about thousands of people together having fun. It was outstanding. I love that the people are grown and sexy [laughs]. They want to have a good time. Each year the party doesn’t stop. Essence gives the crowd some heat.  

ESSENCE.COM: Tell us about your new stand-up comedy DVD, “Just My Thoughts.”
NEPHEW TOMMY: “Just My Thoughts,” is a creation that has been a long time coming. I fell in love with a theater in Detroit and felt it was an incredible place to perform and record. Robin Williams and many other comedians have shot there. I wanted to write relevant jokes and topics that was untimely, from the Obamas to my ass-whooping factory—because there a lot of people that need to go to jail but a lot more people that need to get their ass whooped.

ESSENCE.COM: What were you thinking during recording?
NEPHEW TOMMY: I kept saying to myself “I got to get this right.” We only filmed one show, so I had to hit a home run in one shot. I had to do the damn thing.

ESSENCE.COM: We love your prank calls on the Steve Harvey Morning Show! How do you know who to call and how do you keep from bursting with laughter?
NEPHEW TOMMY: They have a mute button. When I’m recording you have no idea how long my hand is on that button because I’m laughing hysterically! People e-mail us and they want their friends to be pranked. We go through the pile and select some to do. We make sure we don’t do anything that is brutal. We don’t want anyone to have a heart attack.

ESSENCE.COM: Where can we see you on the road next and other projects?
NEPHEW TOMMY: I’m shooting another stand up comedy in the month of October and it’s going to be called, “Life after 40.”  The DVD will probably be released in 2012. It will be taped in Nashville, Tennessee.

Nephew Tommy’s “Just My Thoughts” is available on DVD and digital download. You can also chat with him on twitter @nephewtommy.

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