Does every woman want the same tall, dark and devastatingly handsome man? Nelly seems to think so. The rapper told radio host Loni Swain that so many of us are single because we want “the perfect guy.” Read what else he had to say… “This is just my opinion; I think some girls want the perfect guy. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, but it has to exist for you. It’s not going to exist for society to say, ‘Yo, this is the perfect guy.’ I think a lot of people — and not just girls, because guys may do it too — I think we interpret relationships maybe wrong a little bit because [we’re thinking], “Does this look right? Do me and him look right in society’s eyes?” Instead of, “Does he look right in my eyes? Does he take care of me? Does he make me feel special, he may not be 6’2”, with broad shoulders and all that but is that what you really want? “I’ve seen girls turn down a nice guy because he didn’t look the part, but he was a great guy. He had the job, he treated her special, he did everything she asked, but he didn’t quite look the part. Then you got the guy that looks the part, but he ain’t on the job.” Is that true. Are you holding out for the perfect 6’2″ man with broad shoulders, chocolate skin and a bright smile? Or are you more concerned with his inner qualities?