In this week’s installment of the “Natural Hair Diary” series,’s Patrice Grell Yursik profiles Kierra Mitchell, a student stylist and Medical Administrative Assistant who has gone natural and inspired her family to do the same…

Natural Woman: Kierra Mitchell

Age: 24

City: Southlake, Texas

Occupation: Full-time Student Stylist, Part-Time Medical Administrative Assistant

Hair Journey: Kierra never truly knew her natural texture until 2004, when she decided to transition.

“I had a perm since kindergarten. I was very young when I had a perm — there wasn’t much information about natural hair at the time, and my mom thought a perm would be easier. Also my dad was a little biased in favor of relaxed hair. I wanted to go natural since I was in elementary school and my parents wouldn’t let me — so I had to step out and put my foot down. It took a while but eventually my mother went natural, my grandmother went natural, now my brother is growing his hair out, and getting cornrows and embracing his natural hair, and so is my dad. Once you do something and are comfortable with yourself, you inspire others.”

Favorite Products: Kierra’s favorite products are Qhemet Biologics Amla & Olive Heavy Cream, Miss Jessie’s Unscented Curly Pudding, but it took her a while to figure out how best to care for her natural hair.

“It took a lot of trial and error, I had a lot of heat damage at first from flat ironing it. Sites like Fokti and Black Girl With Long Hair really helped me to figure out my hair’s needs. In 2008 I cut most of it off again and started over — it has been smooth sailing since.”

Hair Icon(s): Tracee Ellis Ross, Mop Top Maven

Advice to Aspiring Naturals: There is a plethora of information regarding natural hair that is available to you. Read up, begin your transition, and cut your relaxed hair off at the length you are most comfortable with. Go for it — it is well worth it!

Kierra is a student stylist and has a brand new hair site where she demonstrates her skills. Check out