100 Naked Women Protest Donald Trump’s Misogynistic Views At The RNC In Cleveland

As Donald Trump and the Republican National Convention invade the city of Cleveland this week, a few fearless ladies sent a loud and clear message of defiance to the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee in the boldest of ways.

Joining forces for a project titled “Everything She Says Means Everything,” 100 women of various races, sizes and political affiliations took it all off in the name of equality to protest against The Donald’s increasingly discriminatory rhetoric that often takes aim at women and minorities. According to the art project’s organizer and photographer Spencer Tunick, over 1,800 women signed up to claim one of the 100 slots available and he hopes the courageous gesture will play a part in paving the way for a society where women are regarded as equals on every level. “I have two daughters—9 and 11—and I want them to grow up in a progressive world with equal rights and equal pay and better treatment for women,” he told Esquire. “And I feel like the 100 women lighting up the sky of Cleveland will send this ray of knowledge onto the cityscape.”

Among the brave demonstrators who participated was Republican Cathy Scott, a Black female voter who says she believes Trump has taken the Republican female vote for granted. “I feel like he shot himself in the foot a little bit. I don’t think he knows there’s a black, single, 35-year-old mom, like me, who is listening to what he’s saying. I don’t think he knows I’m in his political party—and that’s unfortunate.” 

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Others who took part in the event included liberals, trans women and other women of various backgrounds and ideologies. The demonstration began at 6:53 am on Sunday morning and reportedly took less than 30 minutes.


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