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Must-See: Watch a 10-Minute Preview of Brandy's VH1 'Behind the Music' Special

Brandy's career started off picture perfect. But see how things quickly changed.

Since 1994, Brandy’s been a staple in R&B music. With five albums under her belt and number six, 2/11, headed to stores in the near future, this singer-turned-actress has proven she has staying power.

Despite several ups and downs in her career — including a scandal surrounding her fake marriage to Robert Smith and a fatal car crash in 2006 — Brandy’s being completely open about her life.

In this sneak peek of her Behind the Music episode, check out her brother Ray J and ESSENCE’s Editor-at-Large Emil Wilbekin providing insightful commentary on her career.

The full episode airs on VH1 on Wednesday, April 25, at 9 p.m.