Must See: Usher’s ‘Numb’ Video
Getty Images


For the last two years, the ups and downs of Usher’s personal life have played out in the media—much of which he has been heavily criticized for by some. In his new video for single “Numb,” which he released this week, the singer attempts to artistically address his recent struggles and imply that he has worked through his pain.

The video begins with footage of Usher walking of the stage during a performance in Berlin in January 2011. “I felt like a failure, hopeless, paralyzed, numb,” he says. What follows is a montage of clips showing the singer partying, performing, parenting and setting beside a woman in the hospital. (All of which illustrate past incidents in his life.) Throughout the video, Usher is seen dancing in a glass box, which he breaks free from in the end.

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