Must-See: ‘Pretty’ Documentary Takes a Look at Black Beauty Around the World

Sisters Abigail and Antonia Opiah, founders of un-ruly, have spent the last year traveling the globe and having candid conversations with Black women about true beauty in their new documentary series, “Pretty.” 

“Beauty is something that can be experienced and should be appreciated and celebrated but it’s also something (when put in a social context) that is used to value people, especially women—the prettier you are, the more desirable, the more valuable,” says series co-creator, Antonia Opiah. “Beauty is social currency and this is where things can get tricky. The hope is that women all over the world will be able to look at the series and use it as something that can help them decide how they want to place their environment’s view of beauty and how they want to feel about themselves.”

From Paris to Milan to London, the un-ruly ladies are getting an in-depth look into what it means to be “pretty” for Black women from every corner of the planet. Check out the first few episodes of un-ruly’s new documentary series “Pretty” right here.


Episode 1: “What is Pretty in Paris?”

Episode 2: “Sarah, Beauty is a Quest”

Episode 3: “Carole, Beauty is Acceptance”

Catch all upcoming episodes of “Pretty” on the un-ruly YouTube channel.