Weeks after VH1 aired its mega popular biopic, CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, Pebbles is finally speaking out about how she was portrayed.

The ’90s hit maker and self-proclaimed visionary appeared on The Wendy Williams Show to share the status of her potential lawsuit against VH1, for promoting “untruths,” and to clear up a couple misconceptions about what really happened between her and TLC.

First off, Pebbles says she only purchased the girls Rav 4 cars because that’s what they asked for. Second, Pebbles claims she never kicked Chili out of the group for getting too close to Dallas Austin. In fact, she says T-Boz and Left Eye let Chili go. Third, Pebbles says she strongly believes Chili was secretly sleeping with L.A. Reid at the time.

Above all, Pebbles flat out denies that she ever stole millions from the group. “Hell no!’ she said.

Check out the juicy interview!