Ladies, you’re going to love our latest Single Man of the Month.

Inside the pages of the June issue (on newsstands now) you’ll meet Philly-based documentary film director Sixx King, 36. He has the total package—he’s talented, driven and totally devoted to his teenage son, Najee, who graduates high school and heads off to college this summer.

“Raising a young Black man is not hard when you’re there and you’re consistently a part of their life,” proud father King insists. “You can’t just plant a seed and not water it.”

He’s willing to nurture his romantic relationships too. “I love to support whoever is in my life,” says King. “When I’m in love, I’m in love.”

King, who loves to kid around, reveals that his quest to find the one is the real deal and says he has plenty to offer when the right woman comes along.

“I’m very romantic, so I like to be appreciative by doing things like cooking for them and catering to them,” says King. “It’s already hard enough for them just being a woman – especially a Black woman. So, for me, I like to make sure that my woman feels protected and appreciated.” 

Watch what happened on the set of their father-son shoot and pick up the latest issue to find out how to contact King now.