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Must-See: Kanye West Visits His Old Home in Chicago with Jay-Z

Kanye West shows off his hometown of Chicago in the latest installment of his "Watch the Throne" video series.

Kanye West shines a light on his hometown of Chicago in this “Watch the Throne” exclusive. Joined by fellow rapper Jay-Z, he takes us on a tour of the area where he grew up. West has teamed up with VoyR to produce these free weekly videos that include exclusive footage.

In the video, Kanye reminisces about his days in kindergarten, where he was first deemed an artist. “They asked me what I wanted to draw, and I said, ‘I like football players.’ They said, ‘Can you just draw a person?’ I said, ‘I’ll draw a person with a football uniform on.’ And, I’m here today. [laughs] That, like, just explains everything!”

He also takes us on a tour of the house he grew up in, and the backyard where he kept his dog, “Genius,” locked up. How fitting! Take a look!