Must-See: Dating Coach Tionna Smalls On How to ‘Get Your Mind Right’ for Love


Remember the sassy, no-nonsense love coach that helped TLC’s Chili sort through her dating handicaps back in 2009 on her hit show What Chili Wants? (How could you forget, right?) Author, blogger and relationship guru, Tionna Smalls, shined onscreen each time she dished out the one thing most women are afraid to ever share with each other – the honest truth.

Now fans can get a daily dose of Smalls’ signature truth on her new MTV show Girl Get Your Mind Right, which premieres weekdays at 6pm EST. The show is all about empowering women to make better relationship and dating decisions, now. We can’t lie, we’re already hooked, so we asked Ms. Smalls to visit our offices for a no-nonsense discussion on why it’s so hard for our readers to find a good man. Get ready, because the truth might just sting.

“A man watches how you treat yourself,” says smalls. “If you treat yourself like a queen, he’s going to treat you that way too.”

Right, but where are these wiling and able brothers?

“There are really a lot of great guys – Black men! – that are out there that still believe in chivalry, that will open the doors for you, that will pay the bill for you,” she adds. “It’s really about how you carry yourself. A lot of men have met some ratchet women and they didn’t have to nice things for them, so when they met you, it’s like a culture shock…it all goes back to self-esteem.”

So, self-love is the only key to making a love connection? Wrong! Smalls, who has authored popular books Girl Get Your Mind Right and Men Love Abuse, says timing and patience are factors too.

“The problem with women is that they go out looking for a man,” Smalls insists. “I find that you find good men accidentally. You could be at a diner about to order food or buying a car. When it’s your time, it’s going to come.”

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