What does it mean to be Black and Latino in America? Stars like Christina Milian, Tatyana Ali, Laz Alonso, Soledad O’Brien and more poignantly answer the question and how it affects their work in Hollywood for a new Mun2 documentary called Black Latinos in Hollywood.

“My agent was saying ‘We’re having trouble,'” said Milian. “‘They look at her picture and we send her out for Latina roles but they’re looking more for fair skin or Mexican.’ I ended up booking more African-American roles. I still to this day have a lot of trouble booking Latina roles — just because I’m a brown Latina.”

This documentary further explores Latino stereotypes about hair texture, skin color and heritage. Reyes laments about the disparities her sisters experience because of their skin complexion. “My sisters still feel repercussions from to this day, because of their skin color within our own family,” she says.