It’s been a windy road for Brandy since her sweet-faced Moesha days – we’ve seen her sitting “On Top of the World” in the 90s and even fall to the bottom of it with recent commercial flops (anyone remember that last album, “Human?”). But rise or fall, the singer’s back for more and this time she plans to chronicle her comeback in her tell-all “On My Own” documentary.

Narrated by Brandy herself, the film follows her struggles in music, motherhood , divorce, and being involved in a car crash that claimed someone else’s life.  Plus we get a front-row seat to her journey as she hits the studio for her sixth album.

“This is my last opportunity, I’m bringing everything I got, everything I have to this project,” the singer says in the documentary. “I honestly feel like — and I’m not trying to get emotional, but this really is my last chance and we gotta kill it.”

If this trailer is any indication of progress, then we definitely think you’re on the right track Brandy! You agree? Check out the clip above.