Yesterday was the first Father’s Day Tracy Martin spent without his son, Trayvon. In this personalized public service announcement, Martin wants to ensure that next year thousands of dads can spend the day with their kids.

“Becoming a father is a special gift,” said Martin. “It’s a miracle of love and an everyday reminder that life can be beautiful… Dads, we have to come together to protect out children.”

According to his statistics, 30,000 fathers lost a son or daughter to senseless gun violence in the past year. Martin simply encourages all dads out there to fight similar “Stand Your Ground” laws to ensure their kids are around for the next Father’s Day.

“I still believe life is beautiful and together we can make a difference,” Martin wrapped up.

His public service announcement comes weeks after George Zimmerman’s (the man accused of gunning down Martin’s unarmed son in Sanford, Florida) bond was revoked and ordered back to jail and days after his wife, Shellie, was charged with perjury.

Zimmerman remains behind bars awaiting trial. He’s pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder charges.