Muhammad Ali’s Daughters Open Up About Their Father
Popperfoto/Getty Images

With the upcoming documentary I Am Ali to be released this fall, ET sat down with Muhammad Ali’s daughters, Maryum and Hana, to get details on who Ali, the father, really was. 

“My father has a lot of sides and you hear about the fights,” said Maryum. “You don’t hear about family that much, and what that meant to him.” 

The father of nine–two sons and seven daughters–tried to cherish every moment with his kids.

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“My father gave me some audio tapes that he made when we were young in the seventies,” said Hana. “He [recorded] us talking, going to school, playing, talking on the phone with my sister, and various things.” All of these personal audio journals will be paired with interviews from Ali’s inside circle, to give the upcoming documentary a view from the inside. 

I Am Ali is set to release October 10.