Muhammad Ali’s Daughter Shares Intimate Details About His Last Moments: ‘For 30 Minutes..His Heart Just Kept Beating’
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Muhammad Ali’s daughter Hana Ali is graciously letting the world in on the last moments of his life.

One of the first family members to speak publicly since the boxing legend’s passing late Friday evening, Hana shared a touching social media post detailing her father’s bittersweet last moments with his family. “We all tried to stay strong and whispered in his ear, ‘You can go now. We will be okay. We love you. Thank you. You can go back to God now,” she shared in a message posted to her personal Instagram account on Saturday afternoon. Hana also revealed that her father’s heart continued to beat for 30 minutes even after all of his other organs had failed, serving as a remarkable final testament to his unwavering spirit of strength.

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A true champion to the very end. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Muhammad Ali’s family during this difficult time.