MTV’s Tionna Smalls On Why Women Fall In Love Too Fast

Real talk alert! Tionna Smalls, host of MTV’s daily dating advice show Girl Get Your Mind Right, is back with more no-nonsense dating advice for women who are tired of getting the same negative dating outcomes.

“You have to make your own deal breakers,” Smalls advises. Is that all? Not a chance, she says. Women make more mistakes than they realize.

“Number one, we lose it all for love,” she says. “We don’t want to be with our friends anymore. We don’t want to go out anymore. We don’t want to chill anymore, or go the gym or get our nails done, anymore. All we’re focusing on is that dude. And, that’s not good in relationships. You need to have your own life!”

Want him to take you seriously, now? The answer is to get busy – fast, says Smalls.

“Men love women that have stuff to do,” she admits. “Get a hobby!”

When it comes to love, having patience can be tough.

“With women we have so many expectations as soon as we meet somebody,” she adds. “And on the first or second date, we’re like, ‘oh my God girl, I’m in love with him.’ Meanwhile, he has other boos and main chicks on the side.”

Watch the video to find out Small’s trick for determining if you’re calling him too much and for more honest advice. Plus, tell us your reaction to her wisdom below.

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