It’s been less than 24 hours since Robin Roberts announced she was diagnosed with MDS, or myelodysplastic syndrome, and fans and friends have blanketed her with support. Perhaps none more famous than President Obama and First Lady Michelle who tweeted a special message to the Good Morning America anchor.

“Barack and I have you in our prayers,” tweeted Mrs. Obama according to People. “We believe in you and thank you for bringing awareness and hope to others. -mo”

On Tuesday morning’s show, Roberts said she “Slept like a baby” for the first time since being diagnosed. She thanked everyone for their “comfort and support” during this emotional time.

In yesterday’s tearful announcement, Roberts mentioned her sister will be her bone marrow donor for her transplant later this year, but would begin chemotherapy treatment in the meantime.

Roberts acknowledges that her current condition may have developed from previous cancer treatments, but revealed she won’t give up without a fight. “My doctors tell me I’m going to be beat this – and I know it’s true,” she said.