Florida Mother Turns Son In For Alleged Carjacking After Seeing His Face On The News
Getty Images

Romona Gordon, a Broward County, Florida mother, does not play when it comes to her son and doing the right thing.

After seeing 14-year-old Shaquille Dixon on television for allegedly carjacking an 81-year-old lady outside of Walmart, she reported him to the police.

“It is really difficult for me,” Gordon told News 7 about the incident that involved her son and two other young men. “I’m the one who turned my son in and I do not condone anything like this.”

The elderly woman carjacked told ABC 10 News that she thought it was a joke because the boy was young enough to be her great-grandchild. She said she asked him to repeat what he had said. He shouted the order again, so she handed him the keys.

Authorities caught the incident on parking surveillance video. They are currently looking for the two other suspects involved in the crime. That is, if their mothers’ don’t turn them in first. 

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