What do you think about Schatar’s expulsion?

As a mother, there’s no way in the world I liked what happened. Schatar lets things roll off her back and never plays the victim because that’s not her style, but I don’t like when people blast her. At a photo shoot, Mo’Nique came over and hugged me, and I’m thinking, What is she hugging me for? She said she wanted to meet me, but she should have said, “I blasted your daughter!” That doesn’t mean that I don’t like Mo’Nique, it’s just that I don’t appreciate the way it was handled. And I didn’t like when Flava Flav blasted her either. If I could, I would have sat him down in a chair and straightened him out a long time ago.

“What about the lie detector test she failed on Flavor of Love“? Did she really think she was going to beat the results?
No way. She’s a talented actress so she knows how those things work. What’s important for people to realize is that when Schatar took the lie detector test the machine was down so the results weren’t accurate. She’s extremely proud of her television, movie and stage accomplishments, and when they showed her responding no to the question regarding whether she’d done a reality show before and then cut to Flav giving her a thumbs down for her answer as if she were lying, that was inaccurate. I believe they edited that episode to make Courtney appear as if she was some kind of angel to make Schatar look more deceitful.

So, regarding her personal style do you think she needs to tone it down especially if she wants her own style show?
No, I don’t think so. I’m not into glamour or fashion, but Schatar has been that way since she was a child, and is very comfortable with her body. I have a bit of an eclectic approach to my style and sometimes I think she gets that part of her fashion sense from me.

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