Tune in to BET every night and you’ll see Mo’Nique glowing in her new trimmer size. The Oscar-winner has shed some 45 pounds in the last two years, thanks to a hectic workout routine and healthy eating. She recently shared her exercise plan with Black Voices.

It includes waking up at 5:30am five times a week to workout with a trainer for an hour of exercise that includes boxing, football and weight training. She also tries not to eat after 8pm.

Though she currently fluctuates between 211 and 206 pounds, Mo says she’d like to get smaller. “I want to get to 180. That’s an amazing weight for me. I’m still a thick girl but it’s a healthy weight,” she tells BV. “”I love the way that shape is shaping up. Not that it’s all the way I want it to be but the way it’s shaping up!”

Take a look at Mo in her boxing class. As she says, heavyweight champ Floyd Mayweather, Jr. better watch his back, this girl’s in training.

Congrats to Mo’Nique on sticking to her goals.