Mo’Nique Says Having An Open Marriage Was Her Idea: ‘I May Want To Be With Other Men’
Brent N. Clarke/FilmMagic

The concept of an open marriage is one many women would likely reject, but actress and comedian Mo’Nique says communication is the one thing that can make it work.

Mo’Nique recently appeared on an episode of The Preachers talk show with her husband Sydney Hicks and the couple spoke candidly about their decision to have an open marriage. “When we first came out with it, everybody said ‘Oh my gosh, how could Mo’Nique let than man do that to her?’ Because, she’s this big woman and he’s this good-looking man and because she has this money, she’s gonna let that man do whatever he wanna do just to say she has a fine man,” Mo’Nique said. She then went on to respond to the question of who suggested the open marriage arrangement in the first place and didn’t shy away from admitting that it was actually her idea. “It was my idea because, 11 years ago — I’m an entertainer, and this is my best friend, ever. And what I did not want to do was be dishonest with my best friend. There may be times I may want to be with other men. And my best friend said to me, ‘Mama, I’ve loved you since the 10th grade. Do you think you being with another man is gonna have anything to do with me loving you?” 

Mo’Nique also admitted to initially being taken aback when her husband reminded her that the open marriage rule would need to also apply to him in order for it to work and later challenged pastor John Gray to ask his wife (who was in the audience) her thoughts on having an open marriage. See how their conversation played out in the clip below.


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